Why Sponsor at MICF 2019?

We invite corporate companies, government agencies and individuals to join us in creating history by participating as Sponsors at MICF 2019.

Some MICF 2019 key features that make it a great marketing opportunity for sponsors:

  • Over  1,000,000 exclusive exposure to Facebook audiences worldwide through our affiliate “Facebook Buzzers” comprising of popular celebrities, parenting and educational pages and groups.
  • Targeted content and activities for Parents & Educators will bring more visibility and attachment to Your Brand.
  • Wide ranging marketing campaign targeted specifically at the Muslim community (including mosques, Muslim organizations, Islamic university societies, Islamic schools & Muslim professional forums)
  • Web, radio, TV & media exposure.
  • Banners and buntings at strategic locations around.
  • Your brand visibility to 100,000 visitors who are coming to the event.

Sponsorship at MICF brings high value to your organization as it brings forth your presence to the Muslim parents who are very much involved and concerned about their children’s development and education.  These parents are very selective in their choice of products and services as they value the added Islamic benefits to their children and families.

We welcome sponsorship by corporate companies to be our partners of the event.


How We help to serve the Community’s needs.

MICF aims to be the platform where parents, educators, policymakers, stakeholders and businesses come to discover the various efforts available for the nurturing and development of children. Currently there is no other such event/exhibition/forum aimed specifically at the education and development of future Muslim leaders. MICF is the only event that focuses on the tools and information that is needed by parents, educators and stakeholders in nurturing our children to be leaders that not only uphold the values of Islam but help to create other leaders as well. This is why MICF is relevant; we aim to ensure that parents and educators are equipped with the necessary knowledge via the products, services and networking with service providers and experts in the field.