About MICF

Malaysia Islamic Children’s Fair

The Malaysia Islamic Children’s Fair (MICF) is a 3-day event where parents, educators, and stakeholders of our children’s future unite under one roof to showcase each other’s efforts to ensure that our children will grow up to be respected individuals, leaders in their own right in any field that they pursue in and at the same time practising the way of life as prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah.

Education is a basic human right for all children and the empowering of learners comes through value education.

The categories of value that can be inculcated in a child’s learning process include the following but not limited to:

  • Social Values
  • Moral Values
  • Spiritual Values
  • Universal Values
  • Cultural Values


The Malaysia Islamic Children’s Fair (MICF) is the first of its kind. It aims to provide the necessary means for a holistic approach to Islamic education for Muslim children. It is the aim of the founders to provide an avenue that allows children to access resources and support via education to build the necessary knowledge and skill in order to hone the needed leadership quality to lead the ummah.

The aims and objectives of Islamic education have been defined in the Recommendation of the Committee of the First World Conference on Muslim Education as:

Education should aim at the balanced growth of the total personality of man through training of the human spirit, intellect, rational self, feelings and senses. The training imparted to a Muslim must be such that faith is infused into the whole of his/her personality and creates in him/her an emotional attachment to Islam and enables him to follow the Al-Quran and Sunnah and be governed by Islamic system of values willingly and joyfully so that he/she may proceed to the realization of his/her status as Khalifatullah to whom God has promised authority of the universe.

Issues Facing Muslim Parents

  • The education of children in regards to values that Muslims adhere based on Islamic principles and religious traditions.
  • Raising a Muslim child in a diverse society that does not understand or have misunderstood Islam and its values.
  • The formation of a Muslim community and ummah that provides identity and support for children and youths.


Objectives of MICF

  • Provide a platform for parents, educators and stakeholders in the development of Muslim children to explore materials or methodologies that enrich Muslim children in childhood development.
  • Act as the connector for players in the industry and the academia to showcase the myriad talents that Muslim children can hone with the right guidance.
  • Highlight the many avenues parents and academicians can discover one another by matching needs in regards to children’s early childhood development.
  • An exposé of opportunities and sharing activities for Muslim entrepreneurs to network, exchange ideas and spark creative innovations for future products and services catered for Muslim children.
  • An opportunity for everyone from all walks of life and creed to gain insights into the universal morals, values and principles practiced in the nurturing and development of Muslim children.

MICF Target Audience

The Parent

Universally, parents are recognized as the main players in the forming of their children’s worldview and values. Early education program often emphasizes on the parents’ role and invite parents to participate in early childhood development programs.

The MICF will expose parents to an educational journey where they can discover the availability of a variety of education outlets that embeds values, Islamic in particular, available in Malaysia for their children. Through exhibitors and presentations, parents are able to gauge the gap that is missing in their upbringing strategies and identify which teaching and learning materials they would like to add to fill in the missing pieces to complete their children’s education. These educational materials will appeal to every parent, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike who are keen on nurturing values into their upbringing efforts.

Consequently, through the conference and exchange of knowledge, Muslim parents can consciously reinforce Islamic environment at home, read to their children and remind them of the DEEN while fostering the Islamic culture in their daily lives.

The Educators

Educators, too, play an important role in introducing knowledge and reinforcing values. It is important that the choice of education materials share and support the values parents are inculcating at home. The interaction between speakers, educators and parents at this conference should spark new ideas, discover gaps and discrepancies, whereby the educators can identify and gather valuable content to complement their already vital existing role.

As educators, they are also able to influence policy makers in regards to materials, items and content needed to elevate our education standards in Malaysia; through sharing issues and ideas during the conference while networking with the industry players.

The MICF brings together experts, parents, and government representatives in this industry with the intention to improve the standards of education specifically among Muslim children.

The Business Owners and Exhibitors

MICF offers exhibition booths for business owners to showcase their products and services to an anticipated 100,000 attendees. Amongst the expected attendees include parents, businessmen and potential investors, educators, education institution operators, and the media, which should offer heightened visibility to participating business owners.

The organizers anticipate key players, who provide products and services for Muslim children, to garner additional exposure from the advertisement efforts, promotional activities and at the event itself. MICF offers the opportunity for business owners to network with other business owners at the event.

Both participating businesses and exhibitors are encouraged to make use of a stage made available for promotional activities as an additional way to promote their business.


What to Expect from MICF?

Opportunities and a birds eye view of the Muslim children education industry both locally and globally. Parents get to explore options; businesses get to network and link up with one another and stakeholders get to identify other aspects of teaching and learning that need to be looked into to step up and move the industry forward.

The organizers promise a knowledge-driven event for everyone who participates to find something that fulfills their needs in one form or another. Of course no event will be complete without a good amount of wholesome family goodness for the children to enjoy and a great day out for family and friends.


The Future of MICF

The future of Islamic education is global. Naturally, MICF plans to engage other Islamic nations and Muslims from around the globe to participate, exchange ideas and grow as the ummah Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had fought for over 400 years ago, insyaAllah. We all know our future is in our children hence we must begin to pay attention to their needs today.


MICF aims to be the platform where parents, educators, policymakers, stakeholders and businesses come to discover the various efforts available for the nurturing and development of children. 


“From our daily business transactions, we realized that there are many individuals thriving to fill in this gaps of knowledge but working in silo. We believe that as a team in MICF, we can contribute as entrepreneurs by bringing our networks together to a shared platform for like-minded individuals to find each other in this dynamic and extremely active marketplace…”
- Dayang Lily Maznah Muas, Chairman, MICF.